New Staff Writer and JJs connoisseur Will Lyman shares tips and tricks for making the most out of The People’s Dining Hall in a special edition of Cooking With Bwog.

  1. No chicken nuggets left? Just grab five chicken burgers and go to town. Of course, we can’t waste food, so you will have to recruit a friend to help you eat all of the leftover bread, lettuce, and tomato. 
  2. Spice up a Beyond Meat burger by adding actual meat.
  3. In a pinch, the yogurt bar can double as a DIY facemask kit! The chia seed pudding is an amazing exfoliant and the vegan overnight oats do wonders for undereye bags.
  4. Did you know you could order vegetables? 
  5. The main line advertises eggs in any style. Try something non-traditional and go for raw eggs in a cup.

the promised land via Bwog Archive