A bwog staff spends too much time perusing Columbia Crushes, and this post is a testament to that. Read more to see what she thinks.










When reading the above post: The word “are” is accented such that “who are you” is read to be filled with as much judgement and deprecating effect as possible. This is because if you are eating ravioli out of a bag, there is something about you worthy of judgement and deprecation indeed. Actually I kid—to the boy with the fantastic coat: you keep eating that ravioli unconventionally and via bag— Bwog is a judgement-free zone.

Wrong and soon to be cancelled for obvious reasons.

I have a question for you as well cute ginger boy. Why exactly is it that walking down 114th is frequently synonymous with walking down the street, minding my own business, only to be overcome by a wave of  self-consciousness as I near the guy-decorated steps of every frat house. To refine my question: why exactly is it that there is this propensity to gather in groups of 4-5 (but never more) by the doorway?

Posts on Columbia Crushes are anonymous. I’m only calling you out because another staff writer wanted me to.

In reply to whoever wrote this post: nope :)
*Bwog does not endorse or encourage use of the Juul in any way—first hand or through the blow of Zach’s mouth*

Is this a plea for the self to love said self more? Given we are firm in the age of self-love, this appears to be a valid interpretation. However, just before anonymous user requests for more love from the self, it is said explicitly that he/she “love[s] you.” If “you” is to be understood as the same person as “me,” then this means that the anonymous user does indeed love his/herself. If this is the case, then this post is less a plea for self-love and more a teaser of the brain, reminding you to perhaps get off Columbia Crushes and back on that p-set due tonight at 1159.