Some housing group names are just inherently better than others.

March Madness may have been canceled, but the Columbia Housing process marches on. Bwog Staff got our hands on the names on the housing groups this year, so we decided to make a little March Madness of our own.

Round 1:

cupcakering v. banana2020: cupcakering took the cake on this one-on-one (badum tss). I’m not really sure what cupcakering is (was it an inside joke, written down on a whim?) but I found it to be more original than banana2020.

thesuitelife v. wishforhogan: This one also came down to the originality factor. Also, The Suite Life was an iconic show and my friends are trying to get into Hogan, and I make the rules here.

Honey Garlic Chicken Wings v. goodNumberplz: I’m hungry.

chickenbutts v. sweet mates: Bwog Staff LOVE puns, so we’re siding with sweet mates.

baguette v. Geezers: Baguettes are good. Be more original than joking about being seniors if you want to place better next time.

DaddyHousing v. HarvardRejects: This was a tough choice. The audacity of the members of both groups to attach their names to these group names and send them into Columbia administration is ASTRONOMICAL. Daddy Housing won by a hair.

suitegreens v. Chez Gay: Sweetgreen salads are overpriced.

peanutbutter v. CatLadiesUnite: The fact that someone really sat down at their computer and was like “What should we name our housing group?” “Ah, peanutbutter will do” BAFFLES me. Therefore, peanutbutter wins.


Round 2:

cupcakering v. suitelife: An inside joke can only take you so far. The classic Suite Life wins.

Honey Garlic Chicken Wings v. sweet mates: Still hungry. And I like garlic.

baguette v. Daddy Housing: Sorry, carbohydrates. The Daddies win.

Chez Gay v. peanutbutter: The randomness of peanutbutter proves fruitful.


Round 3:

thesuitelife v. Honey Garlic Chicken Wings: If I had the choice between a semester at sea or a bucket of chicken wings, you bet that I would choose to cruise around the world getting my education on.

Daddy Housing v. peanutbutter: The Daddies prove victorious.


The Final Round:

suitelife v. Daddy Housing: The Disney classic DEFEATS the Daddies. We hope this group gets housing accommodations as wonderful as the Tipton.


Good luck on Housing Selection, everyone!

Woodbridge Entrance via Bwog Archives