A few words of caution and encouragement to those of you with scissors in hand.

It’s the perfect storm. Perhaps you’re spending a lot of time alone. You’re likely stressed — about classes, the health of your loved ones, the continued existence of society as we know it. Nothing quite feels certain from one day to the next. You feel awash in a sea of uncontrollable variables. But there is one thing you can control. Your hair. 


You hear the siren song of the clippers, the hair dye, the scissors. They are telling you to chop, to dye, to trim. Heed not this siren call! It will only lead you into destruction. Bangs that stick out, uneven length in the back, bleach blondes that brass out to orange. These are all fates that await you, the wannabe cosmetologist.


But you are valiant (and maybe drunk). You persist, despite the knowledge of the dangerous possible outcomes. You slash at your hair with fabric scissors and watch it fall into your bathroom sink. You dye your hair (and scalp, and hands, and towels) cherry-red to embody the adrenaline-filled blood coursing through your veins. With each deft snip of the scissors or swatch of color, you regain control. You become a new version of yourself. With your new hair, you become a person that can make it through self-isolation. Equipped with toner to counteract orangey-blonde hues, and barrettes to control unruly bangs, you carry your head with a new kind of dignity. You will make it through.

Look how stoked this guy is! via Men’s Health