Do you miss Columbia? Do you miss its multitude of smells? We’ve updated our article Columbia Smells That We Miss to include links to 22 actual real-life candles you can purchase to bring campus life home. Proceed with caution…

  • The vague smell of burning in Mudd late at night

Bonfire Nights by Nature’s Wick, purchase at Target for $13.49

  • Raw, unwashed armpit in a crowded lecture hall

Dark Academia by Orphicwicks, purchase on Etsy for $9.00

  • The smell of my illegal candle

K*USH by Boy Smells, purchase on their website for $32.00

  • The scent of absolutely nothing that comes from the Ferris vegan station- can be considered a negative smell

4″ Pillar Candles (4″x4″, White) Classic Fragrance-Free by Richland, purchase on Amazon for $11.99

  • Fresh coffee at Hewitt on a Monday morning

Hazelnut and Coffee Soy Candle by Grand Candles Company, purchase on Etsy for $7.99

  • My roommate’s expensive perfume that she sprays all over the room every morning (god I miss her)

Exclusive, imported Jay Strongwater Fragrance (features jasmine, tuberose, and golden tangerine notes layered with amber, clove, and a hint of bitter orange) by Neiman Marcus, purchase on their website for $395.00

  • The scent of my own wretched body after pulling an all-nighter writing an essay

But then you take a nice shower and put on clean clothes, because you deserve it! Luxury Linen Candle by Lulu Candles, purchase on Amazon for $14.95

  • The Milstein soap that we wish we could smell for 20-second intervals throughout the day

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Orange Clove, purchase from Bed, Bath & Beyond for $9.99

  • The butt smell that lives on Butler 6

Let’s turn this into something positive! “Nice Butt” Candle by Baum Design Shop, purchase on Etsy for $24.95 (available in 10 scents)

  • My clothes after a party: a combination of cigarette smoke, gross beer, and some fruity drink I most likely spilled on myself at some point

Peach Bellini by Bath and Body Works, purchase on their website for $24.50

  • The essential oils we’ve accidentally spilled on our rugs

French Lavender Sage Essential Oil Candle by Eden’s Garden, purchase on their website for $24.95

  • The essential oil my roommate had that was just called “seduction”

“Pure Seduction” Victoria’s Secret-type Scent by Country Rich Creations, purchase on Etsy for $4.40

  • The smell of the heat that came up from that one grate on the floor near Low Library, like the heat that comes out of the back of a Wii

Old Books, Aged Paper, and Dusty Shelves by Frostbeard Studio, purchase on Etsy for $19.75

  • Lysol mixed with 100% poop in the Butler 2nd floor bathrooms

Citrus Toilet Spray by Poo-Pourri, purchase at Target for $9.99

  • The feral smell of students on the lawns when it’s sunny out

Cut Grass by Stone Candle Bar, purchase on their website for $14.00

  • Vomit in the EC courtyard

Vomit Candle by The Stinky Candle Company, purchase on their website for $10.99

  • JJ’s, which always smells like 10,000 Beyond Burgers

Quarter Pounder-Scented 6-pack by McDonald’s, purchase on their website for $35.00 (currently Sold Out)

  • Hot subway stank wafting up as you stand on the traffic island at Broadway and 116th

New York City by Homesick Candles, purchase on their website for $29.95

  • That new building smell on the lower levels of Milstein…absolutely fantastic

The Ritz-Carlton 50 Central Park Candle by Antica Farmacista, purchase on the Ritz-Carlton Shop website for $29.00

  • OVERWHELMING YAMS as you walk by Dig Inn

Yams Woodwick Soy Candle by Colorado Soy Candle Company, purchase on Etsy for $3.75

  • The smell of urine anywhere

City Lights by Yankee Candle, purchase on Amazon for $34.45

~candle photos via their websites, check out the links! buy some candles!

~featured photo via bwoggie