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Columbia Smells That We Miss? Bring Them Home

Do you miss Columbia? Do you miss its multitude of smells? We’ve updated our article Columbia Smells That We Miss to include links to 22 actual real-life candles you can purchase to bring campus life home. Proceed with caution…

  • The vague smell of burning in Mudd late at night

Bonfire Nights by Nature’s Wick, purchase at Target for $13.49

  • Raw, unwashed armpit in a crowded lecture hall

Dark Academia by Orphicwicks, purchase on Etsy for $9.00

  • The smell of my illegal candle

K*USH by Boy Smells, purchase on their website for $32.00

  • The scent of absolutely nothing that comes from the Ferris vegan station- can be considered a negative smell

4″ Pillar Candles (4″x4″, White) Classic Fragrance-Free by Richland, purchase on Amazon for $11.99

  • Fresh coffee at Hewitt on a Monday morning

Hazelnut and Coffee Soy Candle by Grand Candles Company, purchase on Etsy for $7.99

  • My roommate’s expensive perfume that she sprays all over the room every morning (god I miss her)

Exclusive, imported Jay Strongwater Fragrance (features jasmine, tuberose, and golden tangerine notes layered with amber, clove, and a hint of bitter orange) by Neiman Marcus, purchase on their website for $395.00

  • The scent of my own wretched body after pulling an all-nighter writing an essay

But then you take a nice shower and put on clean clothes, because you deserve it! Luxury Linen Candle by Lulu Candles, purchase on Amazon for $14.95

  • The Milstein soap that we wish we could smell for 20-second intervals throughout the day

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Orange Clove, purchase from Bed, Bath & Beyond for $9.99

  • The butt smell that lives on Butler 6

Let’s turn this into something positive! “Nice Butt” Candle by Baum Design Shop, purchase on Etsy for $24.95 (available in 10 scents)

  • My clothes after a party: a combination of cigarette smoke, gross beer, and some fruity drink I most likely spilled on myself at some point

Peach Bellini by Bath and Body Works, purchase on their website for $24.50

  • The essential oils we’ve accidentally spilled on our rugs

French Lavender Sage Essential Oil Candle by Eden’s Garden, purchase on their website for $24.95

  • The essential oil my roommate had that was just called “seduction”

“Pure Seduction” Victoria’s Secret-type Scent by Country Rich Creations, purchase on Etsy for $4.40

  • The smell of the heat that came up from that one grate on the floor near Low Library, like the heat that comes out of the back of a Wii

Old Books, Aged Paper, and Dusty Shelves by Frostbeard Studio, purchase on Etsy for $19.75

  • Lysol mixed with 100% poop in the Butler 2nd floor bathrooms

Citrus Toilet Spray by Poo-Pourri, purchase at Target for $9.99

  • The feral smell of students on the lawns when it’s sunny out

Cut Grass by Stone Candle Bar, purchase on their website for $14.00

  • Vomit in the EC courtyard

Vomit Candle by The Stinky Candle Company, purchase on their website for $10.99

  • JJ’s, which always smells like 10,000 Beyond Burgers

Quarter Pounder-Scented 6-pack by McDonald’s, purchase on their website for $35.00 (currently Sold Out)

  • Hot subway stank wafting up as you stand on the traffic island at Broadway and 116th

New York City by Homesick Candles, purchase on their website for $29.95

  • That new building smell on the lower levels of Milstein…absolutely fantastic

The Ritz-Carlton 50 Central Park Candle by Antica Farmacista, purchase on the Ritz-Carlton Shop website for $29.00

  • OVERWHELMING YAMS as you walk by Dig Inn

Yams Woodwick Soy Candle by Colorado Soy Candle Company, purchase on Etsy for $3.75

  • The smell of urine anywhere

City Lights by Yankee Candle, purchase on Amazon for $34.45

~candle photos via their websites, check out the links! buy some candles!

~featured photo via bwoggie

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