Internal Editor Vivian Zhou wonders why she hasn’t written more CWB posts. Here she is with her favorite: tacos & tequila!

A few days ago, back when I still thought I could go home to China, back when I was still somewhat productive and actually took the time to make food I didn’t have time to make during the school year, I had a tacos & tequila night with my boyfriend. Not sure why I included the with my boyfriend part…probably because I wanted to let you know that I’m not just drinking alcohol alone during this quarantine.

To be clear, I didn’t drink straight tequila. I’m a bartender after all! I actually worked in a taco place one summer, and learned the best margarita recipe EVER.

I’m not going to be an annoying food blogger and drone on and on about my life, my goals, my hopes and dreams before finally dropping the recipes on the 5th page, so here it is! Keep in mind, I don’t usually use measurements when I cook!




  • Steak (I just used a Trader Joe’s ribeye)
  • Olive oil (a few drizzles)
  • Juice of around half a lime (or a whole if you really like sour things)
  • A few sprinkles of salt
  • A generous amount of ground cumin
  • A generous amount of paprika
  • 2-3 garlic cloves, minced
  • A bit of onion powder if you have it
  • 1/4 cup water


Take a large plastic bag, and put the steak in with all these spices. Mix well. Let it sit for around 1-6 hours in the fridge. After marinading, grill on the pan for around 3-4 minutes on each side for a medium/medium-rare. Cut into slices.



  • Avocados (I used 3 small ones)
  • Diced onions (half a small onion for me)
  • Cilantro
  • Diced tomatoes


Scoop out the avocados and mash them. Add the diced onions, cilantros cut into smaller pieces, diced tomatoes, salt, and A LOT of pepper. Feel free to add some chili or even a red chili pepper if you’d like. Add everything to taste. Try not to cry when you dice your onions. If you do, go up to your boyfriend and tell him he made you cry.



  • CORN tortillas


  • Walk to the supermarket and buy some CORN tortillas. No flour ones. Heat it on the pan before assembly.

Assembling the taco!


  • Heat up your tortilla.
  • Place sliced steak on top.
  • Plop down a dollop of guacamole.
  • Sprinkle some cilantro on top.
  • Add hot sauce if you want!
  • Yum! Enjoy! Take a photo to send to mom!



  • 1.5 ounces silver tequila (I used Casamigos!)
  • 1 ounce Cointreau
  • The juice if half a lime
  • A generous squeeze of agave syrup
  • Ice!
  • Salt (can mix with some paprika or Tajin if feeling spicy)


  • Fill your shaker to the top with ice cubes.
  • Pour in tequila, Cointreau, lime juice, and the agave.
  • Shake, shake, shake!! For around 30 seconds.
  • Get a margarita glass (or any glass if you don’t have a margarita glass) and use the leftover lime to wet the rim.
  • Pour the salt into a small bowl or plate, mix with whatever spice you want, then roll the glass in the salt. The lime will cause the salt to stick.
  • Pour drink into the salted glass!
  • Repeat as much as you want! It’s quarantine time! Tuesdays are the weekend!

And there you go! Happy cooking and I hope you become a self-serving adult with great cooking abilities by the end of this coronavirus debacle!

Yummy tacos, Margarita not pictured via Vivian