Bored in quarantine? I know you have a to-do list that you’re avoiding!

Hello, it’s me, a stranger on the internet. Calling you out and telling you to get your shit together! Get off of TikTok, stop scrolling through Twitter, and close your Reddit tab. Here are some things I know you’ve been putting off, so please, for your own sake, do them.

Clean Your Digital Life Up!

  • Do! Your! FAFSA! Enough said.
  • Clear your computer desktop. I know you don’t need all those random screenshots on there.
  • Unsubscribe from all the annoying emails in your inbox. Do you actually need those Facebook reminder emails? Be honest.
  • Change your email password – cybersecurity is important! Especially if you’ve been using the same password for your main email account since the 7th grade.
  • Update the software on all your apps and devices, don’t just mute the little notification. Software updates exist for a reason (mostly to get all the new emojis) (but also! cybersecurity is important!).
  • Back up the files you want, and trash everything else. Your computer will thank you.
  • Organize your school files on your computer. Make some folders for your classes. Stop dumping everything into one big folder or worse, just your desktop.
  • Change all your backgrounds. It suddenly feels like you have a whole new laptop!

Clean Your Physical Life Up

  • Clear your physical desktop – and take all the cups back to the kitchen!
  • Dust the surfaces of your room. Then take a nice deep breath – isn’t that better?
  • Wash your curtains/dust your blinds. Again, breathe in…isn’t that better?
  • Wash your sheets. They’ll be all crisp and they’ll smell so nice.
  • Deal with your half-dirty clothes pile (you know what I’m talking about) (put that in the laundry bin or fold it!)
  • Organize your school handouts. Throw away old stuff, like all your freshman year syllabi (why do you even have those?)
  • Throw out your expired face products. You got that tube of lotion how long ago?
  • KonMari your closet. Put things into donation boxes so they’re ready to go as soon as this quarantine shit is over! Look at you, helping the community.
  • Change the batteries in everything that has stopped working. The clock on your nightstand, the remote, your calculator. Change them!
  • Change your loofah. You know you’re only supposed to keep them for one (1) month, right?
  • Wash. Your. Makeup. Brushes. Enough said.
  • Clean your manicure supplies. And don’t forget to sanitize your cuticle cutter!
  • Throw out your old crusty nail polishes from middle school – nobody uses crackle anymore, I promise.
  • Deal with your junk drawer(s). When else are you gonna do it?

Do Something Nice For Yourself

  • Listen to that album/watch that movie/stream that show that your friend recommended you that you “never had the time to get to”. You get fun new media and a better friendship – score!
  • Make that memory box/collage/album with all the ticket stubs you’ve been hoarding. I know you have them.
  • Start that journal you’ve always meant to start. Write some really deep insightful poetry.

And if you somehow get to the bottom of this list, exfoliate your entire body while doing a face mask. You’ve earned it.

Image via Needpix  and my editing skils