Bwog and banana bread, and some other things, but mainly a surprising amount of banana bread.

This week, Bwog teetered on the edge:
  • Freaked out a little and bought a ton of groceries
  • Stressed about housing
    • Stressed about course registration
    • Wondered why I was feeling even more stressed than normal
  • Had a full-on meltdown after watching an old SNL sketch
  • Had a lot of very strange dreams
    • Featured elements: escapes, someone thinking my American accent was fake and I was actually British, the Blue Man Group
  • Completely isolated myself from all my friends and ditched all of my classes for no reason other than the fact that I’m mentally ill
  • Cried for an hour straight

Despite that, Bwog still did things:

  • Kept stopping on my hike to try to locate the various birds I kept hearing because isolation is turning me into a bird watcher
  • Discovered a 1000 piece kitten puzzle in my basement
    • A journey I cannot wait to embark on
  • Got my birth chart read
    • Next year, I will either meet the love of my life OR many people.
    • Will I get married or experience a hot girl summer? Place your bets
  • Started teaching my brother how to ride a bike with success
  • Finally won at chess, a game that I didn’t play prior to quarantine
  • Baked my first ever cake from scratch with a lemon buttercream frosting of my own invention!
  • Filled out WAY too many brackets
    • Learned I have opinions on pretty much everything
  • Gave my brother a haircut while my mom held back her tears
Bwog even maintained a social life:
  • Played knockoff Club Penguin with high school friends
    • Purchased a purple puffle named “Disco Nick”
  • Had a zarty (Zoom party) with my school friends
  • Had a heart to heart on Slack!!
    • Felt validated <3
  • Attended Bwog happy hour
  • Listened to my boyfriend talk about his absolutely terrible PhD director being a dick
  • Had a Twilight watch party with both home friends and Columbia friends!!
  • Relived middle school by watching The Perks of Being a Wallflower with my friend
    • Got nostalgic for the innocence of 2014 Tumblr
  • Spent literally three hours on Zoom playing Jackbox with my school pals
  • Started a DnD campaign
But mainly, Bwog went through it with banana bread:
  • Made banana bread
    • Made banana bread again
  • Baked way too much banana bread
  • Consumed copious amounts of banana bread
  • Posted a recipe for banana bread
  • Tried to make banana bread without the right ingredients

Image of, you guessed it, banana bread via Wikimedia Commons