Thought you heard the last of us? Think again! Bwog is back and more ready than ever with another Housing Roundup to slowly crush your dreams about your future home (or give you hope…that works too)!

Today marks the beginning of the selection process for rising sophomores, which will end on the final day of housing selection (April 30th). Hopefully, this lawless process for new players in this game of chance did not cause a lot of stress, and you lucky lottery number-holders were able to choose your dream home. For those of you that want more up-to-date information as you get ready to take on the next week, be sure to check our Housing Twitter thread!

What’s Gone:

  • All of EC
  • All of Claremont
  • All of Furnald
  • The singles in Wien
  • The singles in Harmony

What’s Scarce:

What’s Still Left:

Looking Ahead: For some of you rising sophomores, you may still have a chance at getting what you want. But if you’re a single-person group, start emailing other ones like you and get to know your new, randomly-assigned roommate! At this point, just take what you can get. I’d say there’s still hope for some lucky people! Who knows, anything can happen when everything is absolutely chaotic.

The Wrong Kind of Lottery via Luddite Robot