Here to ruin your dreams of having a Woodbridge two-bedroom in a kinder way than the housing website ever could.

Yesterday was day two of housing, and the number of times I have thanked the anonymous Columbia administrators who decided to make the switch to online selection before this shitshow hit is already uncountable. A reminder that our annual housing reviews are steadily going up this week, and a whole treasure trove’s worth of prior years’ reviews awaits for you, so you can find your not-quite-dream-but-it’ll-do dorm. We also have a live Twitter thread with any important housing updates if you don’t want to check out Room Selection’s own site.

Yesterday saw 2/3 of the remaining 4-person EC suites be claimed, along with a decent chunk of the 6-person EC suites and most of the 3-person suites in Claremont. At this point, though, most seniors need not despair: we’re only a quarter of the way through the senior lottery numbers, and most options are still fairly open.

What’s gone: All 2-bedroom suites in Woodbridge and Watt join the ranks of the cherished studio singles of Watt and 115th/113th Brownstones in already being taken. If you dream of a ~New York apartment at a Columbia price~ with your own room, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

What’s left: We are still in the beginning stages of senior selection, so options still remain tolerable. Here are some of the options most widely available:

  • 69 singles in River
  • 54 studio doubles in Watt
  • 10 2-person suites in Watt
  • 65 2-person suites in Woodbridge
  • 14 2-person suites in EC
  • 47 5-person suites in EC
  • 24 6-person suites in EC
  • 8 4-person suites in Hogan
  • 8 5-person suites in Hogan
  • 13 8-person suites in Ruggles

What’s scarce:

  • 2 4-person suites in EC
  • 1 2-person suite in Hogan
  • 2 3-person suites in Claremont
  • 2 2-person suites in Ruggles
  • 1 3-person suite in Ruggles

Looking ahead: Smaller person suites are getting taken up at fast rates: Watt and Woodbridge still have plenty of options, but elsewhere, 2-person suites are nearly gone. The choices today were largely in line with typical senior housing: taking the nicest Watt/Woodbridge apartments, EC/Hogan suites, etc. Ruggles, Hogan, and East Campus still have lots of availability, so there is still plenty of hope to be had!

Housing questions you think we can answer? Contact us through, Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, or even just the comments here.

Image via Bwog archives