The bad news is: we’re about to crush your Brownstone dreams. The good news is: there is still so much good stuff left for juniors to choose from!

Today was the first day of juniors-only groups, who picked through the popular suite-style options and brownstone rooms the seniors left for the taking. Stay up to date on housing information with our Twitter thread, Columbia’s Housing counter, and Barnard’s spreadsheet.

What’s Gone: All rooms in 548 West 113th and 627 West 115th Brownstones have been claimed! The last 5-person Claremont suite has also been taken, along with all EC suites, all Nuss singles, and all 3-person and 4-person Ruggles suites.

What’s Left: 

  • 34 studio doubles left in Watt
  • 8 7-person suites left in Claremont
  • 10 8-person suites in Ruggles
  • 60 corridor doubles left in 600 West 113th
  • 173 corridor singles left in Broadway
  • 35 corridor doubles left in Broadway
  • 18 corridor singles left in Carlton Arms
  • 46 corridor doubles left in Carlton Arms
  • 59 corridor singles left in Harmony
  • 4 corridor doubles left in Harmony
  • 166 corridor singles left in Schapiro
  • 84 corridor doubles left in Schapiro
  • 18 2-person suites in Wien
  • 22 corridor doubles in Wien
  • 138 corridor singles in Wien

What’s Scarce:

  • 1 6-person suite left in Claremont
  • 6 corridor doubles left in EC
  • 5 6-person suites in Ruggles

Looking ahead: A few groups of lucky juniors will likely eat up the remaining small suites, but as there are not many large groups picking, large suites in Ruggles and Claremont will probably remain. There is still a wide selection left for juniors with decent numbers, but juniors picking later (me :/) will likely see their housing dreams crushed as big groups split and take up nice doubles and singles. Will Friday finally bring the first claimed Carlton double? Check in with us then!

Have any burning housing questions? You can reach us through, Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, or the comments down below!

Ruggles via Bwog Archives