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Late Night Bwog

Oddly Specific And Randomly Relatable Things I Miss About Columbia

Editor’s note: Bwog does not endorse underage drinking or any other illegal or illicit activities.


  • Getting a $7 Stella cider at 1020 and squeezing past the people packed like a can of sardines between the bar and the booth to your friends on the back couches, spilling just enough cider on the way that your glass is a little sticky and your hands smell a little sweet
  • Sharing the 1020 women’s bathroom with strangers
  • 10 am walks of shame across campus
  • Watching the sunlight seep through the windows in Butler 209 at sunrise
  • Sunsets over the Hudson on that crosswalk island on 116th and Broadway where everyone stops to take pictures
  • Going to John Jay on a Sunday morning and seeing everyone I hooked up with that weekend and diverting my gaze diplomatically
  • Ferris pasta: mushrooms, onions, garlic, corn, pesto, Alfredo, and plenty of parmesan on top
  • Biting into a chicken frankie from Roti Roll at 3 am after a night out
  • Walking home up Amsterdam on deserted streets at 4:30 am after 1020 closes
  • Crashing on frat house couches after a formal
  • Drinking on Low steps at 9 pm, looking at the Ref chandeliers
  • Tom’s at 2 am on a Friday night
  • Tom’s at 2 pm on a Sunday afternoon
  • Tuesday breakfast alone at Hewitt: an avocado toast with an egg on top
  • Getting a coffee from Blue Java at 10:09 am before my 10:10 on Hamilton 6
  • On every classroom door in Hamilton during finals, written in chalk, “occupied”
  • The nearly metallic taste of Barefoot Moscato on my tongue the morning after letting me know it’s time to pull trig
  • “Mel’s?” “Nah, it’s dead. 1020.”
  • Accidentally taking the uptown train at 110th when I mean to go downtown and realizing I went the wrong way when the train starts going above ground
  • Daydrinking on the lawns while watching children frolic on the grass
  • “116th street, Columbia University.”
  • Texting my suitemates “is anyone home? I locked myself out”
  • Peeing while a suitemate is showering, or letting a suitemate into the bathroom to pee while I shower
  • Pregaming the pregame while I get ready
  • Pregaming an open bar
  • Walking past Shake Shack thinking about how overpriced it is while craving a burger
  • “10:20! Make a wish.”
  • Waking up at 10:15 am and deciding to skip my 10:10 rather than be late
  • Smoking on my fire escape
  • Tripping on those two uneven stones outside of Butler
  • The international students smoking and talking on the phone outside of Butler
  • Taking a lap in Butler past 2 am and exchanging telepathic solidarity with the other night owls still remaining
  • Trying to find that spot in Butler lobby that makes your voice echo really loudly
  • Pregaming on South Campus then walking across College Walk to EC
  • That magical moment when everyone at an EC party decides together to migrate down Amsterdam to 1020
  • The chaos of the Mel’s bathroom
  • Female solidarity in the 1020 men’s bathroom
  • Passing around pitchers in Amity at senior night
  • Going to 1020 after Amity closes after senior night
  • Borrowing dirty plates from strangers to get into John Jay or Ferris without swiping

timmy thick via Bwog Archives

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