Bwog explains how you can transport Morningside to your home now.

Every April, thousands of Columbia students gather on the lawns to admire the trees and shrubs lining college walk. They participate in one of our favorite Columbia traditions—the annual Arbor Day Tree-Watching Ceremony.

Although the cancellation of this year’s ceremony came as a shock, we must opine that we agree with the administration’s decision. We have no way to tell whether our dogwoods and oaks are susceptible to COVID-19, and until we have more tree medicine available, we ought to table mountain oak no chances.

In the meantime, however, we have prepared a guide for all those who miss the Arbor Day festivities and would like to maple believe they are having the same experience at home. We are no treexperts, but we believe that these tips will help you firget that you’re not actually at school.

1. Spruce up your car with some tree-shaped fresheners.

2. Go outside. The woods have so many conifers.

3. Repaint your favorite walls green.

4. Check out this cool online tree encyclopedia.

5. Invite a music artist to perform at your house. Last year, Columbia invited Sophie.

6. Look at picture’s from last year’s Arbor Day :(

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

— Usher

“The woods are lovely, dark, and deep.”



—Buddha, Discourse on Meditation

Big Popp(lar)a Tree via Bwog Archive

Freshener via Pexels

The Woods via Wikimedia Commons

The Garden Wall via Wikimedia Commons

Book via Bwog Archive

No Yodel Zone via Wikimedia Commons

Last Four Pictures via Arbor Day Bwog Archive