Turn on Night Mode and spare yourself.

Some of the data we here at Bwog have collected:
200 days – At the time of this writing, this is the number of days elapsed since March 13, the date when several Bwoggers left campus.

4 times – The average number of times per week that you sleep through the first half of class, and have to watch the recording later.

1 – The number of recordings you will actually end up watching.

450º – The revolution made by a clock’s minute hand in 75 minutes.

8 minutes – The average amount of time that a Columbia professor will run overtime.

12 times – The number of times (in one class session) that someone will ask, “Can you see my screen?”

6% – My current laptop battery percentage, after a full day of Zoom school (Zool).

19º – The approximate angle at which you hold your neck when sitting at your computer.

Now, time for some math-magic!
(200*4)/6 = approximately 133
133+(12^6)-1 = 2,986,116
2986116-(450*8)= 2,982,516
2,982,516/19 = approximately 156,974

Congratulations! You personally will spend 156,974 hours on Zoom this week!

A real photo of Bwog Staff doing this math via Bwog Archives