New Covid hotspots, a warp-speed judicial nomination, ancient pedestrians, and more!

Happening in the World: An archeological discovery may provide new insight into ancient human migration. Hundreds of fossilized footprints, some suspected to be human, were discovered in Saudi Arabia’s Nefud Desert. If confirmed, these fossils could be the earliest evidence of humans in the Arabian Peninsula to date (CNN).

Happening in the US: South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has announced a plan to approve Trump nominee Amy Coney Barrett by October 22 in hopes of confirming the judge by the end of the month. This timeline is unprecedented—no Supreme Court nominee has ever been confirmed less than a month before a presidential election (CNN).

Happening in NYC: City officials announced a rise in Covid-19 hospitalizations as new cluster sites were identified in Brooklyn, Orange county and Rockland county. Over the weekend, the state’s positivity rate saw an overall increase of .48%. Some South Brooklyn and Queens neighborhoods may face new restrictions as a result of these increased rates (Gothamist).

Happening in Our Community: Barnard Student Life is hosting a virtual screening of “Black is King” on Friday, October 2nd. Mic and video participation are not required. Registration can be found here.

Lame Limerick of the Week: An Ode To Phoebe Bridgers 

It all started when Motion Sickness 

Planted seeds in my heart with a quickness

Now my life has a deejay

In skeleton PJs 

See me crying? Please just mind your business

Desert via Wikimedia Commons