Bwog is the beginner’s mind.

What is there even to say at the beginning of this unprecedented semester? Ask these professors to find out:

Professor Gergely Baics, Colonial Cities of the Americas: “I am personally obsessed with maps”

Professor Nicole Callahan, Contemporary Civilization: “This is a reflection of… I hesitate to say it… the beginner’s mind. I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

Professor Charly Coleman, Contemporary Civilization: “So as you’ve noticed, even in this historic moment of change, the Core Curriculum still hasn’t put any women or non-white people in our canon for the first semester” 

Professor Roy Licklider, American Foreign Policy: “I am somewhat technologically challenged, which I justify on behalf of my advanced age”

Professor Neslihan Senicak, Daily Life in Medieval Europe:

  • “If it’s not a bother to you to have a shirt on, please try to have it on.”
  • “Come talk to me in office hours! I can double as a therapist as well as a medieval historian!”

Professor Zack Sylvan, Calculus II: “Ah! I was muted! And invisible!”

image via freepik