Let’s be honest, nobody knows how much longer we’ll have glorious fall weather, and those of us in the northern states are wondering how we’ll safely meet up with friends when the temperature drops. For now, savor these 34 Bwog-approved ways to get outside while we still can.

For the Athlete

  • Get as close to a body of water as you can. Go swimming in it if possible, and feel Alive. (Do not do this in the Hudson. Please. You will not feel Alive.)
  • Acquire bikes/scooters and bike/scoot around!
  • Find some friends and play spike ball, can jam, or toss around a frisbee. Reclaim these games from the frat boys on Butler Lawn.
  • Go on the waterfall hike in the northwest corner of Central Park! I did this for the first time by accident today? Very pretty!
  • Go climbing in NY because it’s finally sending temps and you’re granola as fuck.
  • Alternately, go hiking because, if you’re still in the Pacific Northwest, it’s larch season and you’re granola as fuck.
  • Walk on paths with crunchy leaves. Run on paths with crunchy leaves!
  • Play a game of pick-up basketball–with masks!

For the Academic

  • Read a book outside in the sun. 
  • Take at least one class outside, whether you’re in your front yard or on your back porch or on Butler Lawns! 
  • Or simply take a nap on a blanket in the grass on a sunny day instead of finishing your readings.
  • Journal in the park wearing your favorite sweater.
  • Brainstorm your next essay from a bench with a view.

For the Main Character

  • Make cocktails at home, and bring them to a park with your friends. (One Bwogger recommends meeting your best friend in the park for cocktail hour after you get off school/work. Get off your shit on vodka sodas to the point where you almost piss in the street.)
  • Put together the PERFECT bad bitch outfit.
  • Listen to “Sweater Weather” while walking down the street.
  • Go for walks with a friend and shoot the breeze, an activity which Amy Poehler calls “walking the beat.”

For the Adventurer

  • Go on a hayride (safely).
  • Go nighttime kayaking (a Florida niche lol)!
  • Plan the classic apple orchard/pumpkin patch excursion, but with safety precautions.
  • Get your ass to the beach and go for nighttime walks before it gets too cold for either of those to be fun.
  • Wander around Riverside or Central Park on a weekend until you find a jazz trio, then find a nice spot to settle in and enjoy.
  • Get outside for a sunrise.
  • Get outside for a sunset.
  • Learn to skateboard!
  • Go to a movie in the park run or a drive-in theater!! Find somewhere playing Rocky Horror!!
  • Spend the evening at a rooftop bar with heating lamps.
  • Go to a vineyard.

For the Foodie

  • Walk to the nearest coffee shop and savor a beverage and croissant as the breeze nips your cheeks. (To the freshmen on campus, ask the floormate you have a crush on to go to the Hungarian Pastry Shop with you!!)
  • Make and enjoy a three-course picnic, alone or with friends.
  • Pretend you live in a part of your town/city that you don’t actually live in: get coffee/takeout in that area, go to the parks there, and generally play tourist.
  • Have Friendsgiving (can be in a park)!
  • Visit a farmers market!! Stock up for your next home-cooked meal.

image via unsplash