Although these recent 70-degree days in NYC have been feeling like summer, it’s bound to get cold sooner or later… right?

I’ve been dreaming about peppermint mochas, but it’d be blasphemous to sip one while sunbathing on Low. The Bryant Park Winter Village opened a week or so ago, but there is simply no way I can attend in a t-shirt. And listening to Christmas music while the sun beats mercilessly down? I don’t think so.

To manifest some chilly, seasonally appropriate sweater weather, we’re recommending our favorite comforting, cold-weather beverages. Here’s to hoping that we’ll drop into the low fifties sometime soon <3

Eliza, BC ’23 
Favorite Beverage: instant coffee with oat milk and brown sugar. 
Favorite Mugs: Barnard Dad mug, Shakespearean insults mug.

Ruby, CC ’21
Favorite Beverage: Trader Joe’s pumpkin spice rooibos tea with vanilla creamer
Favorite Mug: pink cat portrait mug

Eva, BC ’22
Favorite Beverage: white hot chocolate with a little bit of milk (and a Lactaid)
Favorite Mugs: my Sunshine State mug and Iron Man mug

Camille, CC ’23
Favorite Beverage: Tazo Flowering Honeybush tea
Favorite Mug: mug covered in mugs with faces that says, “THE TEA IS ALIVE. THE TEA LIVES INSIDE YOU.” possibly my favorite thing ever.

Regan, CC ’22
Favorite Beverage: Cooking with Bwog’s Russian Tea !!
Favorite Mug: a sleek, white Ikea number

Lillian, CC ‘23
Favorite Beverage: rooibos tea steeped for five (5) minutes with one (1) ice cube
Favorite Mug: a large stout hand-painted mug that my grandparents bought in ireland. it has a sheep on it.

Caroline, BC ’22
Favorite Beverages: peppermint hot chocolate, apple cider, and Bailey’s Irish Cream in hot chocolate
Favorite Mugs: one that says dog mom, another that says I don’t give a sip

Jenny, CC ’21
Favorite Beverage: chinese loose-leaf green tea
Favorite Mug: this cute mug from iceland that my mom got and has adorable little creatures on it

Angelina, BC ’23
Favorite Beverage: hot chocolate with peanut butter in it.
Favorite Mug: my favorite mug is from christmas 2008 and says “i <3 troy” (as in troy from high school musical). it’s my most prized possession.

Rita, BC ’23
Favorite Beverage: i mix honey cinnamon and a bit of hot water together to break down the cinnamon then add oat milk and heat it up! it tastes like warm cereal milk
Favorite Mug: this white one w stars all over it from anthropologie

Sydney, CC ’23
Favorite Beverage: mexican hot chocolate (ibarra, NOT nestle abuelita’s, that shit is fake)
Favorite Mug: a spotted purple one that i made at color me mine with my family a few years ago

~image via Pixabay