Because sometimes, we don’t have an insight.

Ever in a rush to respond to your fellow students’ discussion posts? Ever think, “wow we all say the same exact thing every time.” Here is a gift for you! Simply fill out these lovely mad libs for an insightful response to yet another discussion post that makes you want to bang your head against the wall.

________________ ,  (name of someone in the class)

I really appreciate the idea you brought up about the oppression of ________ (noun) in the context of _________ (time period). I think  your point on the way __________ (pretentious last name) encounters the law’s________ (adjective) in terms of the way it _______ (verb ending in S) is very ________ (adjective) and well thought out. _________ (noun) is an interesting idea in concept but  I personally find ______ (noun) to be a very    _______ (adjective)  topic and I think you approached it in a very nuanced manner. I personally find the postmodern _______ (pretentious word) to be______,(adjective)  so this was a  compelling take for me. On the topic of ________, (noun)I was wondering if you had considered the 

implications of ______ (plural noun) and _______ (gerund)  on the premise of your argument. Just something ______ (adjective) to consider!

Student Hard At Work Via Bwog Archives