I shopped for two classes at the same time. Here’s my story.

This semester is already less than ideal. On top of winter break being too short, there seems to be a very limited number of classes offered in the spring. I, probably like you dear reader, was on many a waitlist in attempt to at least meet the minimum credit requirement. In this journey appeared the need for me to do what would, pre-Zoom, be considered impossible: shop for two classes at once. 

My hypothesis was that it would be overwhelming and unsuccessful. My hypothesis was correct.

1:08 PM: After hunting down the Zoom links, I logged into a sociology class on my laptop and a philosophy class on my phone. This is going to be a nightmare, I can feel it.

1:12 PM: My body has been split in half. The professors are introducing themselves yet I’m processing no information as I avert my attention back and forth from my laptop audio to my headphones.

1:16 PM: In my left ear the sociology professor is reviewing the syllabus and grade breakdown. In my right ear the philosophy professor is talking about a martian coming to Earth for the first time?

1:23 PM: I’m zoning in and out. Much like my SSOL page, I’ve registered nothing.

1:25:03 PM: We said goodbye to the martian. Now there’s a furry mammal living in my apartment. It’s a mouse. There are teeth marks on cheese I apparently left out. I do not know what this class is about.

1:25:04 PM: I left the philosophy class.

Some might say this proves there’s a silver lining to remote learning, with the ability to take two classes at once without needing Hermione’s time turner. I think this is the worst decision you could make, and I would not wish this division of self and loss of senses on my worst enemy.

Header via Pixabay