A poem for the quarantined, the covid safe, and the dehydrated

This is an important PSA for all the girls, guys, and gays:

Your days are a tragedy, an endless abyss

You live in a dorm room, quarantine makes you wonder why you exist

The world feels absurd, you turn into Jean-Paul Sartre

Staring blankly at your Zoom, your succulents, and your cheesy wall art

You have begun to wonder, does it have any meaning? 

This education, that career path, your political leanings

Your feelings are valid, they are real and scary, I need no persuading

But I have a quick question, please don’t find it degrading

When is the last time you drank some plain water?

Just a glass of H2O, or your Brita, have you forgot her?

You’ve hydrated your plants, you feel like a mom 

But when is the last time you held water for your own balm?

This is not to say that the world has great meaning 

Or that your absurdism is merely fleeting

But you may feel a bit better if you drink a little water today

It’s not much to as 60% of your body is comprised of it, and you need it as to not fade away

In days of yonder, you carried around that cute hydro flask

went sksksk when you dropped it or used a water fountain before class

Now alone in your room, I have begun to wonder

How is your water intake, now that all is asunder.

Here have a sip, now don’t you feel better?

The world is a mess, but you’re a hydration trendsetter 

This is your friendly reminder before this poem comes to an end

Sure, the world is ending, but you could also drink some water my friend


Bwossip girl

Water fountain via Bwog Archives