Just a few days into the semester, Bwog shares the first words of our professors.

Professor Koleen McCrink, Developmental Psychology: “We would like you to learn a lot and not stress you out.” 

One professor when introducing himself and what he does: “I’ve done research in… shit. Human excrement…that’s kind of what I’m into.”

Professor Vincent Racaniello, Virology: “Unlike love, herpes is forever.” 

Professor Stephen Edwards, Programming Languages & Translators: “I strongly recommend you not take this class with me because I’m an asshole.” 

Professor Dana Neacsu, Environmental Law: After someone introduced themselves with Architecture as their major, Neacsu said “You’re an Architecture major?? That is amazing. I’m talentless.”

Professor Paige Johnson, Western Theatre Traditions, Modern: “If we find ourselves deep into a military coup in the next month, you will not have to do discussion posts.”

Philosophy Building via Bwog Archives