A review of East Campus—the housing option that almost makes it feel like you’re living that NYC, TV-style dream life, with incredible views and multi-level dorm options.

Location: EC is technically located at 70 Morningside Drive but is accessible from Ancel Plaza or Wien Courtyard.

Nearby dorms: Wien, Plimpton is close-ish

Nearby stores and restaurants: Arts & Crafts, Hamilton Deli, Appletree, Friedman’s, SubsConscious

Cost: Upperclass rates are projected to be $10,474/year for 2021-2022.

Room Variety:


  • 10 townhouse 4-person suites with 4 singles.
  • 12 townhouse 6-person suites with 4 singles and 1 double.
  • 28 townhouse 6-person suites with 6 singles.


  • 7 six-person suites made up of all singles. There is one suite per floor.
  • 7 five-person suites, made up of all singles. There is one suite per floor.
  • 56 five-person suites, made up of three singles and one double. The double faces Morningside Park, and there are eight suites per floor.
  • 35 two-person flats, made up of two large singles with a shared bathroom and kitchen but no common area. There are five flats per floor, and the RA on each floor lives in one of these flats (with a rider).
  • 8 doubles on the sixth floor, each 200 sq. ft. with a private bathroom.


  • Bathroom: Every suite/flat has a private bathroom with two sinks, a toilet in a stall, and a shower. Bathrooms are cleaned weekly.
  • AC/Heating: Yes! All EC suites/flats have A/C and heating!
  • Lounge: There is a lounge with a piano and TV on the 2nd floor, and there are study lounges on the 12th, 14th, and 20th floors. There is also a large lounge/common room on the upper floor of each suite with a ton of natural light.
  • Kitchen: Every suite and flat has a kitchen with a dishwasher, oven, and fridge, but no microwave.
  • Laundry: Laundry is located in the basement, with lots of washers and dryers (although it can get pretty busy depending on the day/time).
  • Fire escape: Nope.
  • Bike storage: Bikes can be stored underneath EC in Wien Courtyard.
  • Computers/printers: There is a computer lab (with a printer) on the 10th and 18th floors and a print station in the building lobby.
  • Gym: A gym with treadmills, bikes, and ellipticals can be found on the 8th and 16th floors.
  • Hardwood/carpet: There is a mix of hardwood and carpet, depending on the suite/flat style.
  • Intra-transportation:
    • Townhouses: No elevators. There is one flight of stairs to get to the upper townhouses.
    • Highrise: There is a staircase within each suite to take you from the bedrooms to the common area. You can enter your suite from either the floor that the bedrooms are on or the floor that the common area is on. There are two elevators, as well as entrances to stairwells at both ends of the hallway.


Specific numbers are not available at the moment. 4-person suites went to seniors with good lottery numbers, and seniors were generally able to get 5 and 6 person suites. Almost all EC suites go to seniors and have historically all been taken by day 8 of housing.

Bwog Recommendations:

EC dorms are pretty highly sought-after because of their incredible views, large common rooms, great facilities, and apartment-style layouts. That being said, there tends to be a lot going on in EC, especially during the weekends, so it is certainly not the quietest place to live on campus. If you don’t mind the frequent parties and noise, EC is a great place to live, especially for seniors.


  • “It has an interesting multi-level floor plan in a single unit, and its overall vibe is pseudo apartment and near-adult.”
  • “It’s a bit musty (especially in COVID-19 times when the suites don’t get cleaned) but the views are unparalleled.”


EC! via Bwarchives