Let’s keep the housing review train chugging.

Location: 508 West 114th Street

Nearby Dorms: All the 114th dorms your heart desires! John Jay, Brownstones, Hogan, and Carman

Stores and Restaurants: Strokos <3, Basics, John Jay, JJ’s

Cost: All upperclass housing is currently $4,738 per semester.

Bathrooms: Private, 1-2 per suite
Laundry: Laundry in the basement!
Flooring: Hardwood floors baby
Kitchen: A private, all to yourself, kitchen in each suite
Lounge: Basement study lounge with a ~flat screen TV~
Fitness Room: Available in the basement!

Room Variety:
There are 4 suites on every floor made of singles and doubles, which accommodate 4, 6, or 8 people.
Only the 4 or 6 person suites have doubles. They range from 172-200 sq. ft.
Singles in 4-person suites range from 107-157 sq. ft.
Singles in 6-person suites are 135 sq. ft.
Singles in 8-person suites range from 100-123 sq. ft.
59 doubles.


Oooo look at that glass shower in the Ruggles bathroom.
Wow! Cook some great pound cake in this Ruggles kitchen!
Ah, yes. A single in Ruggles!

Final Decision: Ruggles is a quiet dorm overall, and if you’re optimistic about post-pandemic life, it’s a great place to host potential parties. Plus, with a clutch built-in gym, you never have to descend into Dodge again. Not to mention, you get to live in a suite with all your friends. It seems like you can do no wrong with Ruggles!

All Photos via Bwog Archives