Today’s the day that Barnard kicked off their 2021 housing lottery and sorry to say that only seniors won today (and even some lost).

Barnard Edition:

This year’s 4-Person lottery saw an increased number of all-senior groups—meaning that some seniors saw the hopes of an all singles suite dashed. While the trends stayed true to previous years, we were hit with the surprise of Cathedral Gardens 5A being the first suite chosen, when in previous years it had been further down the list. Otherwise, here are the headlines.

How do you interpret the cut-offs? It’s Group Value/Lottery Number. So for example, 200/73 means that you are a group of all rising juniors with a lottery number of 73 overall.

Differences between 2020 and 2021 Selection? Even though students in the 2020 lottery would not see their housing selections out due to COVID-19 restrictions, students tended toward following similar patterns (except for CG). You can find last year’s numbers here. For all singles, 121 went faster than 620—however, all singles suites were entirely gone before the end of the senior selection, in which there were 30 groups. 620’s cutoff was exactly the same both years, showing that the introduction of 121 has pushed it down in senior groups’ priority list. While some all-junior and all-sophomore groups were able to pick, for the most part, they had to be willing to take suites with two doubles (110 and 600).

Looking Forward: The deadline for the formation of 5-person groups is Thursday (March 25) at 10 am EST. The lottery will begin on Friday, starting with all senior groups and concluding with all sophomore groups. Out of the 4, 5, and 6-person lotteries, the 5-person holds the title of having the smallest number of available spaces. Only 28 suites are available for selection, and after the increased number of senior groups who snapped up a majority of the 4-person suites, groups may be anxious to get a suite. Based on Bwog’s 2020 coverage of the 5-person lottery—121 and 620’s coveted all singles suites will be the first to go, followed by the remaining 620 suites (which have a double), Cathedral Gardens, and 616 suites. After the 5-person, the 6-person will begin on Tuesday (March 30) with the deadline of group formation of Monday (March 29) at 10 am EST. Good luck!

Columbia Edition:

What’s Gone:

  • Brownstone (627 West 115th) 3-person suites
  • Watt 2-person suites

What’s Scarce: (copied from yesterday)

  • 1 Claremont 2-person suite (RA)
  • 2 Claremont 4-person suites
  • 1 Claremont 5-person suite
  • 1 Claremont 6-person suite
  • 5 Brownstone (627 West 115th) doubles
  • 4 East Campus 6-person suites
  • 5 River singles
  • 5 Woodbridge 2-person suites

What’s Still Left:

  • 10 Claremont 7-person suites
  • 7 Brownstone (548 West 113th) doubles
  • 68 Nuss doubles
  • 185 Broadway singles and 36 Broadway doubles
  • 14 Carlton singles and 38 Carlton doubles
  • 8 East Campus corridor doubles
  • 21 East Campus 5-person suites
  • 53 Harmony singles, 4 Harmony doubles, and 2 Harmony 6-person suites
  • 17 McBain singles and 176 McBain doubles
  • 7 Ruggles 6-person suites and 13 Ruggles 8-person suites
  • 180 Schapiro singles and 85 Schapiro doubles
  • 52 Watt doubles
  • 172 Wien singles and 40 Wien doubles

Looking Ahead: Seniors and mixed junior-senior groups finished picking today, and juniors with high numbers started. The list of suites still seems to be fairing pretty alright so far. Larger housing groups still have options, but the smaller suite groups (particular 4-person) will be running into trouble soon. There are still suites available in EC, but Claremont is almost gone except for the larger 7-person suites. River singles and Woodbridge 2-person suites are on their way out, but there are still a good amount of singles and doubles left for selection.

look at 620! via Bwarchives