Congratulations to the new slate on SGA!

SGA President: Emily Ndiokho
VP for Policy: Parker Watts
VP for Campus Life: Miso Kim
VP for Equity: Christina Juste
Junior Representative to the Board of Trustees: Hilda Gitchell
Representative for Academic Affairs: Steely Forrester
Representative for Inclusive Initiatives: Mariame Sissoko
Representative for Campus Affairs: Swati Madankumar
Representative for Food and Dining: Bannon Beall
Representative for Seven Sisters Relations: Chuhe We (Ariel)
Senior Class President: Audrey Pettit
Junior Class President: Myesha Choudhury
Junior Class Vice President: Faye Wang
Sophomore Class President: Avalon Fenster

Vacant positions will be filled next fall. In the meantime, tell Bwog what you think SGA actually stands for.

Barnard Gates via Bwog archives