Howdy y’all! The last of the councils are rounded up, and the semester is coming to an end.

This week in CCSC:

  • CCSC spent the first of half of their last meeting of the semester listening to Religion Representative candidates’ speeches in preparation for voting on the candidates narrowed down by the appointment committee! Ultimately, Mohammad Khalil (CC ‘23) was voted to be the inaugural Religion Representative. 
  • An Inclusion and Diversity Task Force sponsored proposal to provide $2000 to each multicultural graduation passed.
  • Some humorous and original Paper Plate awards were presented for a lighthearted end to the semester! 

This week in ESC:

-The meeting began with the outgoing council editing a draft of a letter to the administration asking for a tuition freeze for the upcoming school year.

-ESC’s semester report, which details the council’s recent accomplishments, is complete and available for students to review.

-During the second half of the meeting, members of the incoming council introduced themselves.

This week in SGA:

  • In the last meeting of the semester, the newly elected SGA members for the following year introduced themselves.
  • The graduate students’ union is holding a teach-in about Black labor at the university on April 15th.
  • Danielle Hopkins BC ‘21, VP of Finance, presented on SGA’s budget for the following year. SGA projects a budget of $436,025 for the 2021-2022 academic year. 

GSSC did not hold a general body meeting this week.