The semester is winding down, but student government is still kicking! Read on for this week’s happenings.

This week in ESC:

  • ESC reviewed a draft of a letter to the administration requesting a tuition freeze for the upcoming school year.
  • The letter will likely include comparisons to peer universities’ tuition policies from the current school year as well as data highlighting increased student financial need as the pandemic persists.
  • Student Body President Estevan Mesa (‘22) reported back on why the administration rejected ESC’s proposal to increase the summer credit limit.
  • Next week’s general body meeting will be the transition between the outgoing and incoming councils.
  • VP Student Life Katherine Liu (‘21) informed the council that the 2021 SEAS Gala has been postponed until the summer. Giveaways for those who have signed up for the event will still be sent out this semester.

This week in SGA:

  • SGA elections are still happening! You should have received a reminder email if you didn’t vote or if your vote wasn’t counted for some reason.
  • Seniors should be alert for email updates with deadlines for things such as yearbook photo submissions.
  • Reach out to the Food and Dining Rep if you need Ramadan accommodations!

This week in CCSC:

  • VP Policy Rads Mehta (CC ‘22) continues her efforts to ensure university-wide student subscriptions to The New York Times are provided this coming academic year. 
  • After no Religion Representative candidates received a majority of the vote this election season, CCSC has created an appointment committee to fill this position. The three members who volunteered to serve and were assigned to this appointment committee are Senator Ramsay Eyre (CC ’21), at-large Race and Ethnicities Representative Colby King (CC ’22), and ID Task force member, FGLI Representative, Jaine Archambeau (CC ’22). 
  • CCSC held an open reflective discussion on the election and ways in which the process can potentially be improved for future cycles. A lack of time to form parties and platforms as well as the controversy of club endorsements were examples of issues discussed.  

GSSC did not meet this week.

Image via Bwog Archives.