“I don’t know… I think I’ve become more of an optimist since coming here…”

Enjoy your classic dose of overseen and overheard NSOP content, and welcome to campus, everyone!

  • Freshman wearing a shirt that says “pussy builds strong bones” to the SEAS academic assembly
  • Garbage cans by Kent towering with takeout boxes and Sweetgreen containers stacked taller than a human being
  • “Classrooms here are unlike those at ANY other Ivy League school.”
  • Group of freshmen after their first RA meeting: “Poor Ben, he’s seen it all.”
  • First years on a campus tour fully holding White Claws
  • Moved in a freshman with a cat. No, I do not know if they were allowed to have a cat.
  • Saw several unmasked parents invade the dorms, without accommodations to do so
  • A freshman tried to bring a huge flat screen TV into a Barnard single. It didn’t work.
  • “NSOP is rotting my brain.”
  • A 2-hour line for baked beans, a single hot dog, and a plate of coleslaw
  • Big dog wearing hot pink dog crocs
  • “Yeah people only go to JJs after 3 am. No one goes earlier.” ––a freshman during breakfast
  • A bright golden foil balloon in the shape of the number 3, floating above Barnard Hall
  • A huge chalk drawing of a stubbly, bespectecled face on Diana 3
  • Had a student come up and ask, “Where is Diane 504?”
  • “I don’t know… I think I’ve become more of an optimist since coming here…”
  • A “buy weed from women” tote bag
  • Girl standing in front of Nuss who has been waiting for hours because they won’t let her in because she has to quarantine because she hasn’t had two weeks since her second dose, but they won’t tell her where to go quarantine, so she’s just… on the street with her stuff…
  • “This girl is on Spector?”
  • While waiting for freshman convocation to begin, I looked over the shoulder of the mother sitting in front of me. I slowly began to realize she was reading erotica. During convocation. With her daughter sitting a seat away. I’m still unsure if she was fanning herself because of the heat or if she was in heat.
  • Dylan O’Brien and Zoey Deutch filming at 113th and Riverside for the movie “Not Okay”
  • Four freshmen drinking Heinekens on the subway to the Mets game

Prezbo sitting in a literal hurricane via Bwog archives