Top things to do on campus that aren’t 10 dollar Margs.

Hey Friends! 

As the glow of NSOP fades, and you start to realize how much alcohol costs, I figured I would compile a list of alcohol-free events that can bring you joy. College makes alcohol a social lubricant of near necessity at most events, social gatherings, etc., so much so that it can be hard to find things to do without it. Whether you are sober, abstinent, or just want to remember tonight tomorrow, here are some fun things you can do without alcohol (for free or cheap!).

  • Go to an Event: This school hosts some pretty incredible events, from meeting international leaders to discussing art and time, so check out the “Every Event On Campus” post on Bwog every week, brought to you by our events editor: the dashingly beautiful and deeply intelligent Julia Tolda! 
  • Games Club: I freaking love games club. It is so much fun and full of such kindness.  They meet at 8pm on Fridays – normally in Lerner but currently at the Furnald tent. It’s a fun way to meet people, and it’s also really funny to watch people who have no chill play various games and scream at each other. Everyone is really welcoming to each other, and it makes me very happy, and it will also hopefully make you happy.
  • Meeting on Sundays: Gosh Yarn It is a super chill knitting/crochet/fiber arts club at Barnard! Bring your knittery, embroidery, or just a pile of loose string! 
  • The climbing team meets twice a week and is incredibly chill and fun! Sometimes, they even go beyond Morningside Heights, so go seek that great perhaps! 
  • Go to a museum! For free! With a Columbia ID card! Check out how to do that in this beautiful bwog post!
  • Join a casual sport! Because exercise produces endorphins! And endorphins make us happy!
  • @columbiamoonclub is a society that meets at the sun dial when there is a full moon. Satanic ritual? Maybe! But sober!!
  • Explore this great big city! You live in Manhatten! Adventure! Seek the great perhaps! You can use TimeOut New York or Go to a live TV show taping!!! You’re in the greatest city the world Baybay!!!!
  • Bwog! Even if you missed applications, almost all of our meetings are open to all, so show up! You are welcome here! ◡̈

Campus sober can be hard, but you can do this! If you have any pg fun on campus, share your secrets below!

Barnard Greek Games via Bwog archives