You? Basing your life decisions off of your coffee addiction? never.

If you’re a Peets person, you should join Bacchante, the Barnard jewel of a capella. With girl groups and indie boops in their repertoire, come prove you’re not like other gals on campus. An absolute staple and inseparable from Milstein green chairs, you’ll fit right in on Bacchantae. 

If you get your daily cup at Pret a Manger, you should check out the Clefhangers. New-ish on the block, these singers are a constant at Columbia, and if you want to get all your music from one place, this is the way to go. Entertaining and well-liked with a simple taste but outstanding worth, these people are a practical staple the Columbia admin can’t live without.

If you love Hex&Co, check out Jubilation, the Christian a capella group on campus. Fun-loving and kind, this group has fun and uplifts each other. Funky and sweet, this caring community has amazing vibes and achieves several missions, all within one group. 

If you like Joes, join Kingsmen. Blue, literally everywhere, and a bit too expensive, Kingsmen makes itself seen. As the ballers in the blazers, they naturally think they are really cool, but to be fair, they are pretty damn cool. A bit bougie, but worth it, Kingsmen is elite.

If you like Dunkin, or just like its convenience to Plimpton,  join the Metrotones. Laidback and chill, these women have a wide variety of songs, and a cool underground mood, but are more Barnard-adjacent than Barnard-direct Bacchante. 

If you are a Hungarian fiend, join NonSequitur. Ok not going to lie, non-sequitur is hot girl shit. An absolute aesthetic and always, always, incredible voices, if you want to wow your friends, say you’re on Nonseq, just good luck getting in, the line goes out the door for this one.

If you like Starbucks, go for Notes and Keys. A little basic but a staple since the start, you can go for hyper pop frappuccino energy or just your essential iced coffee. Busy, full of life, and fun join notes and keys for a good time!

If you get your Coffee from Nussbaum&Wu, join Pizmon. Jewish with a twist, Pizmon offers endless rehearsals in Hillel, parodies, Hebrew crossovers, and weird combos that come together just right. If you know how to use “Bageling” as a verb, this is the group for you.

If you will never go anywhere but Blue Bottle, audition for #Sharp, a capella for those with a smooth and soulful taste. The newest option on a block, their clean harmonies, and new innovations will have you wondering “is this entirely necessary?” and “why am I addicted to this indulgence?” Enjoy!

If you get all your work done at Butler Cafe, join CU Sur. Sur integrates the widest variety of genres, with all different languages it integrates. You love going somewhere where the absurd happens, and anyone is privy to arrive. So if you want to learn new things about music and language, Sur is the best bet for you.

 If you will not get coffee anywhere but Oren’s, join Uptown Vocal. Listen, I can’t tell you why, but Oren’s just screams Jazz. Clad in faux leather jackets and real doc martens, these artists are indie and want you to know it. Incredible singers that perform at the highbrow events of NYC, join this club if…. “Ya like Jazz?”

Covfefe via Bwog archives