The truths expressed below are universally acknowledged.

I am a simple man: I like pint glasses, long walks with the dogs, and campus news.

I think I speak for everyone, however, in saying that I am a little tired of Courseworks discussion posts. They are neither beautiful, bold, nor Barnard. And they have interrupted my Thursday mornings for the last time.

There may have been a time, perhaps, when the Internet was new and those who set trends argued, “We must have the students write discussion posts”—and those people may have had good intentions—but we, with the benefit of hindsight, now understand just how disastrous the resulting Courseworks discussion post was. #longsentences

So, what to do? It comes down to this:

Trees grow; times change; and Courseworks discussion posts must go.

“But what,” I hear some cry, “will replace Courseworks discussion posts?”

This article, I answer, will answer that question. Here are some alternatives to Courseworks discussion posts:

1. Putting Away Tools For Hours At A Time

2. Memorizing Phone Numbers

3. Stacking Rocks

4. Writing Four Essays

5. Hypothesizing About Dry Ice

That is all. You may leaven deaven bow.

Succulent via Bwog Archive

Dogs via Wikimedia Commons

Internetting via Wikimedia Commons

Tools via PixaBay

Phone Book via Wikimedia Commons

Rock Stack via PixaBay

Writing via PixaBay

Dry Ice via Wikimedia Commons