So much depends upon my will to make it through this class. And white chickens, somehow.

Sometimes, class is just too boring. The notes are too dull, and all you want to do is cry.  No matter how kind (or evil) the professor is, here are some tips for you cool cats! Maybe I can’t take notes, but I can always do some *creative writing*! This sounds like a joke, but it’s genuine advice that has gotten me through college. I am more likely to remember the class if I actually engage in the notes. So instead of just copying what I hear, I make what I hear fun! It ensures I actually comprehend what I’m writing.

Take Sassy Notes: 

Especially if you don’t like the topic, the professor, or both, try taking notes that insult what you are writing about. 

An example: “Wasteland should have been thrown in the trash where it belongs, T.S Elliot. The poem begins by calling April the cruelest month, perhaps alluding to the fact that I have to read this in April.”

Or, Sass the Professor:

“The professor has yet again reminded us that isomers produce less substantive solutions following photosynthetic processes. Meanwhile, I’m wondering if there are substantive solutions to her need to pace incessantly.”

If You Like the Professor, Make it Gushingly Kind:

“Hero and icon Professor X then catalyzed the glycogen with glucose, gracefully pouring the test tube of highly concentrated glycogen (10/20 mixture) into the beaker. Oh to be that test tube in her hand…”

Or, Make Your Notes Rhyme in Limerick Format:

“Spinoza was expelled from his community 

Hit with geheimum, he was alone, quite plainly

He was offered to come back, just repent and retract

But instead chose the stoics, not impunity.”

Visualize Your Notes With Flowcharts Or Doodles:

(see featured image)

Go for Metaphors or Similes:

“The number of voters surged like the Ocean, the high tide rising in 1934 with a crescendo of new voters, in large part due to women gaining the right to vote in 1919.”

If That Doesn’t Work, Make it Super Casual:

“Protestants be like ‘oh no they are far away from the regulatory conditions of the normative protestant family and things may get *fruity*’.”

Gay children in 1920 pansy craze: “That is correct, Shawty.”

One More Option, Switch The Language Whenever You Can:

 “Pero, like,  מדה is muy interesante, and el isomers are catalyzing מאוד מהר when you lehishtamesh con  מלח״ 

I hope these little tools help you in your endeavor to take notes in class. Now go, set forth into the night! I believe in you!

Prof&Notes via Bwog Archives