A love poem written to the most elite Four Loko flavor.

Hey! You caught my attention,
Peering from the bushes,
      Behind that fence or…
      Whatever that is.
      A glitter of Gold, with a matte glow of 
      Camo. Have you noticed all Four Loko cans are in camo?
Four-fifths empty or one-fifth full?
      A breeze overtook you, I didn’t shake you
      No, I actually didn't grab the can. 
On a weeknight, no less!
      A pregame, a post-class coping mechanism, or a casual Wednesday sip:
      Four Loko will certain make your nighttime lab more interesting.
What flavor is Gold? Blue Razz is Blue flavored, Grape is
      Purple flavored, 
      Gold is certainly Gold Four Loko flavored.

Gold Four Loko, my Precious—I once threw up a Gold Four Loko 
      For my birthday 
      You hold a special place in my liver. 
      Every time I taste the fruity, sugary, carbonated malt liquor
      I shiver!

A lesson well learned, 
      Is a lesson well earned. 
I can only hope,
      Fourteen percent, a first-year’s 
      lesson well learned.

Gold Four Loko via Author