We’re back. Wondering what we were up to?

Not only was last weekend fall break, but it was also Halloweekend. Besides the obvious (procrastinating assignments/crying over midterms), here’s what Bwog did. 

Bwog traveled!:

  • visited a friend in DC; ate some amazing bad grilled cheese (it was delicious, but it also made me throw up).
  • saw the most beautiful New England autumnal foliage through a train window and felt completely at peace.
  • visited my family.
  • went to California to visit my sister (a freshman at Davis)! 
    • scared my sister’s friends.
    • was disoriented, amused, enamored, disturbed by the completely different ecosystem of California.
    • amused many bypassers with my bewilderment with mundane California wildlife. scrub jays I love u.
  • witnessed someone yakking on the streets of Boston at 1 am (sad for them).
  • went to a brewery in Brooklyn, felt that I was doing the college student New York thing.

Bwog celebrated Halloween:

  • went to a Halloween-themed cast party. 
  • helped host a fairly successful Halloween party.
  • ate the worst spinach in human existence at a Halloween party in a 34-floor apartment in midtown.
  • spent Halloween searching for a simple fake mustache before resorting to brown eyeliner pencil.
  • gave a fellow bwogger eyeliner whiskers so they could be a sexy cat for Halloween.

Bwog celebrated Harryween:

  • finally went to Harryween. Can never listen to Toxic by Britney Spears ever again. Literally hated speaking and standing after for two days.
    • recovered from Harryween. was saved from post-concert depression by lounge sets, Wu bagels, the Target on 97th opening, and the third season of You.
  • got last-minute free Harry Styles tickets on Halloween!
  • saw Harry Styles and cried twice at the concert, then once after when explaining to two bwoggers how much I cried at the concert. 

Bwog tested the limits of the human body:

  • did not drink enough water.
  • slept poorly.
  • drank so much tea. Slept so poorly.
  • ate fondue and realized that though I’m not lactose intolerant, every body has its limits.
  • absolutely fucked up my sleep schedule.

Bwog took emotional/romantic interludes:

  • fell slightly in love with my best friend’s roommate.
  • soft launched my gf on Instagram.
  • disappointed my grandma by being single.
  • walked across the Golden Gate Bridge ~romantically~ with my boyfriend.
  • walked across the Santa Cruz beach ~romantically~ with my boyfriend.
  • maybe possibly fell in love. double-check with me in about a month.
  • cried.

Above all else, Bwog partied hard:

  • threw that ass in a circle.
  • avoided the bitch cup at a party.
  • went to a frat party as a junior and felt very Old but in a freeing way.
  • got very drunk. Twice.
  • made many many friends while very very drunk.
  • impressed party guests with ice on the sink.
  • put a lot of alcohol into my system and shot my immune system.
  • heard some fantastic music (i.e. Come Get Her) and some horrible music (i.e. YMCA) at a frat party and thought about how I ended up here.
  • took edibles and vibed to some mediocre music.
  • started to realize the consequences of mixing my allergy meds with fun party activities.
  • went out 4 nights in a row and am now struggling to have any brain function.
  • danced until 5 am at a downtown apartment of a group we met standing in line at a club.
  • drank seven nights in a row (yeah fall break was four days do the math).

pumpkins via Flickr