One. More. Day.

Bwogline: According to medical specialists, South Africa’s recent reduction in new COVID-19 cases might indicate that the country’s Omicron-driven spike has peaked. Although the new numbers could be a result of uneven testing or delays or errors in reporting, they might also suggest that the Omicron variant could recede more quickly than previously anticipated. This news could mean good things for the US and other countries where cases with the Omicron variant are increasing—South Africa has been at the forefront of the Omicron wave, so whatever happens there could predict what the future of Omicron will look like across the globe (The Times of Israel).

Study Tip: Be kind to yourself. Rather than dwelling on being bad at something or not finishing something in time, remember that you’ve worked so hard this semester and you’re almost to the end!  

Music of the Day: Take It or Leave It by Cage the Elephant. No grand explanation, just good vibes.  

Procrastination Tip: Work on hydration. Taking the time to select a water bottle, fill it up, sip on it, refill it, and take periodical bathroom breaks will give you a reprieve from that one final you requested an extension on. 

Overseen/Overheard: While getting boba with my hometown best friend, the stranger in front of us asked for 200% sweetness in his tea. I was…appalled.

a spoonful of sugar via Flickr