You know the drill! Enjoy the tunes, fits, and pastimes of Bwog’s fall semester.

We’re listening to…

Taylor Swift
The backing vocals of songs
This one highly-mediocre-at-best Machine Gun Kelly song
Matt Berninger’s gravelly voice
Billy Strings
Folk music
Harrison Quartz and the Big Boys
Doja’s verse on Scoop and Doja’s verse on Handstand

We’re wearing…

Thrifted coats
Chunky, Blair Waldorf headbands
Stacked rings
Summer tops layered under oversized sweaters
Loads of liquid blush and mascara
Baseball hats and dad shoes with otherwise nice outfits
Pink socks
Claw clips
Yes, claw clips
Black turtlenecks
Gender-neutral leggings
Khaki jackets
Duck boots
Baggy mid-rise pants and tight skirts
Knee-length skirts
Almond nails + black polish combo

We’re getting through the semester by…

Painting my nails
Doing laundry when everyone in my building is in class
Being a slave to co-star
Avoiding choosing a major or even a general direction for a major (science? humanities? you tell me)
Wishing I had a dog or a cat but living in a dorm
Whistling sidewards
Lighting a eucalyptus stress relief candle on the window shelf in the shower
Taking notes with colored pencils
Being a little nicer to myself
Saying yes to random shit
Leaving early
Buying new toothpaste and deodorant
Pretending it’s snowing even when it’s raining :/

We’re eating & drinking…

Soda/water, no ice
Caramel macchiatos
Dirty chais
New Amsterdam apple-flavored vodka
Other people’s leftover food (with permission)
Newman’s Own pomegranate lemonade
Brew Doctor kombucha
Red bean buns
Ginger chews
Ice cream sandwiches
Ginger beer
Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper
Cool mint chocolate Clif Bars
Trader Joe’s water crackers
Sweet Baby Ray’s
Ghiradelli dark chocolate peppermint bark squares
Faculty House eclairs
Flourless chocolate cake
Those Starbucks Doubleshot energy drinks
Diana burrito bowls <3<3<3
Mo Willies sushi
Blueberry Eggo waffles
Will admit I only got on the oat milk train in August
Bubly brand sparkling water is actually not as bad as I thought it was
Cilantro, a lot of it
French vanilla boba tea

We’re loving…

Tinder (but not anymore)
My stripe-y sheets
The lack of decorations on the dorm walls
Bath and Body Works’ Winter fragrance candle
Trader Joe’s Nourish shampoo and conditioner
Trader Joe’s oil-free antioxidant moisturizer
Basically everything from the Trader Joe’s beauty section
Earbuds with the phone jack
The fact that leaves change color
The new subway trains that will be debuting next year
Whatever perfume mix my friend Leopold uses
The fake plant I bought at IKEA
Small displays of love/importance
Elf hydrating camo concealer (for the dark circles)
The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution (to clear my acne scars)
That red tree in the windows of Avery
Tumblr (tbh)
Etch-a-Sketch powder
A mechanical pencil sharpener
Vanilla bean Burt’s Bees
The Webkinz desktop app

We’re spending time…

On my fire escape
In the early morning, on the off chance I’m awake then
At different coffee shops every time I just barely leave Morningside Heights and being the main character while I write an essay
In Riverside Park
In the goddamn Schermerhorn extension
On campus at 2-3 am
In the stairwell doing homework
At small concert venues

We’re watching…

The Met Opera’s La Bohème
The Matrix franchise
How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (1966)
Days of Our Lives
Agnès Varda’s filmography
That crazy game of poker live from Madison Square Garden
Marriage Story
Digging for a Dream: The Harrison Quartz Story

Vintage seasons of ANTM
Jürgen from Great British Baking Show
Maid on Netflix (even though every episode stressed me out)

Degas’ “A Woman Seated beside a Vase of Flowers” via The Met’s Open Access Library