What to do if you’ve been calling Columbia home by accident because you like it better here.

As the semester catalyzes to a close, students are excitedly comparing break plans and gushing over how nice a break back home will be. It is important to remember that the idealized home your friend may talk about is likely a lot more complicated. Here are the best tips and tricks for going home when you are a little less excited about it.

  1. First of all, don’t go home right away if you don’t have to. If there is a way you can be safe while staying on campus, stay on campus after finals. Finally, get a chance to tick off a few things on the to-do list that aren’t school. Experience school with less stress for the first time ever.
  2. Make plans with friends from home ahead of time! Instead of making vague plans that never pan out, sit down with your calendar and offer clear times to see friends! You will have things to look forward to!
  3. Clean your childhood bedroom! It’s time for that deep clean of your third-grade projects, your silly stupid teen memories, and your book report on that book you chose to prove to your class you were smarter than them. Wow, what a cringy phase of life. Pick what to keep and what to say goodbye to. It will take way too long.
  4. Meet up with a college friend who lives nearby but you only met at school! See how they perceived your world!
  5. Go to your old childhood haunts—the pottery place, the tiny museum, the bagel store where everyone knew your name. Just go for a walk or drive alone! You won’t get lost. Alternatively, your family has moved since you graduated high school, now is the time to discover this new city.
  6. Spend time with the people in your family that you can tolerate! Whether it is your sister, your grandma, or your uncle, maybe someone is in town that you actually like spending time with. Leave the house with them and catch up separately from the rest of your family.
  7. Schedule fake meetings for “important college things.” Lock the door and get time for yourself.
  8. Schedule real zoom meetings with college friends! You will be glad you did. Throwback to Zoom events—Among Us, anyone?
  9. Catch up on movies! Whether from the comfort of your bed or a nearby movie theater, there are so many amazing movies you were always going to watch “later.” Later has arrived!!!
  10. Make plans for when you are back on campus. Roar-ee and Millie miss you, and by planning ahead, you will make this the best semester yet!

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