A longing poem to the pre-pandemic days where we all wanted to touch and take free stuff.

O, Stuff We All Get!
Sliding into closed off events
       prowling outside Uris or Lerner:
       on the hunt for swag.
We'd go in, and back out
      "Yes! I'll sign up your newsletter!
       But I get that nice Columbia Business School free umbrella, right?"
A reminder of:
       Alumni Weekend Barbecue 2019 - the blanket - or
       Lit Hum Night 2021 - the flimsy functional tote - or
       Tree Lighting - with the fabled mug.
God, how I miss you . . . 
       How that free umbrella weathered a sudden storm,
       How that free blanket saved my ass from getting wet on the Lawn,
              and how that fabled mug wraps around my pens and pencils now.
       How I miss impromptu "I have the same mug!"
              and having a story to tell about it every time I give my parents
              a free item: "Yes, this water bottle was from the exclusive dinner event Roaree's Birthday."
Sliding into closed off events – 
We'd go in, and back out.
A reminder of – 
God, how I miss you.

SWAG: Stuff We All Got.

#FreeSwag via Bwogger Aditi Misra