If you’re feeling thirsty and indecisive, here’s a list of Bwog staffers’ current go-to liquid refreshments, whether we’re at Pret, Blue Java, Peet’s, John Jay.

If you’re at…

Any Dining Hall

  • Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper. It’s so good. So so so so good. Delectable. Divine. Doctored. Etc.
  • Love the vanilla cappuccinos from the dining halls. They give you the rush of coffee with the sweetness of Starbucks but for the price of a swipe
  • The Minute Maid strawberry lemonade in the dining hall makes up 98% of the liquid in my body

JJ’s Place

  • Lemonade—and give it a splash of raspberry syrup to make a little pink lemonade
  • Bootleg marg: Italian ice from JJs blended with tequila

Cafe East

  • Rose oolong boba

John Jay

  • The weird flavored ‘infused water’ next to the coffee (Honestly quite solid, particularly the strawberry)

Literally Anywhere

  • Water. Good stuff, that
  • Iced oat milk latte with hazelnut

Liz’s Place

  • Iced caramel latte with oat milk (which I am presently in line for)

Pret a Manger

  • Latte with oatmilk and hazelnut syrup

Oren’s Daily Roast

  • Dirty chai… warm and cozy and caffinated <3

A Grocery Store

  • Yogi’s Green Tea Passion Fruit Matcha; love sipping this in the afternoon, it literally revives my life force

The Hungarian Pastry Shop

  • Obsessed with the Russian coffee. I like making the walk down in the cold to Hungarian, ordering my drink in the chaos that is the ordering process there, and then indulging in my coffee that is rich and chocolatey (but still gives me the jolt I need to start my day). Sipping it as I walk back towards campus is an ethereal, comforting experience that makes the mountain of work I am about to start seem slightly more bearable. Alternatively, a weekend treat
  • Ginger tea :)

Trader Joe’s

  • Trader Joe’s dirty chai with honey and milk


  • Iced chai with oat milk
  • Iced berry hibiscus tea with simple syrup for your afternoon beverage needs; I need to constantly be drinking something and it is rarely ever water

Blue Java in Butler

  • Earl Grey tea or vanilla almond tea from Blue Java in Butler
  • Iced matcha latte with oat milk is seriously divine, it carries me through finals every year


  • Starbucks double shot energy drink, vanilla flavor
  • Have been obsessed with cinnamon dolce lattes with blonde espresso and cinnamon powder from Starbucks, but only because I work there and it’s free. I have one during my 10 minute break when I have a shift and it’s just sweet enough that it doesn’t make my stomach hurt for the rest of the time that I work. It’s really satisfying to make my own drink because I can take as much time as I want making latte art, and it’s just something for myself when I’m in the middle of serving other people!
  • Also I’ve been hammering down lavender Earl Grey teas and taking them around to my classes in a mug that I stole (note: did not steal) from work

raining beans via Bwarchives