Barnard’s 5-person lottery followed typical form, with seniors and mixed-year junior/senior groups snagging all available suites.

Groups of 5 picked into a very limited selection of 5-person suites today. Those who couldn’t get a suite will presumably rearrange into groups for the 6-person lottery by Monday, the 123 lottery by Friday, or drop out of school altogether rather than live in a double again. 


Cutoffs are written as the group’s point value/their lottery number. For example, “300/5” refers to a group with a 300-point average (all rising seniors) whose lottery number was 5.

Cutoffs for Barnard’s 5-person lottery

What’s Gone

All 5-person suites were picked today. Following the pattern of past years, suites of 5 singles in 121 and 620 went almost entirely to seniors, with three mixed-year groups snagging the last available. The remaining suites—made up of three singles and one double or one single and two doubles—went to mixed-year junior/senior and all-junior groups. Of the 77 total registered groups, 49 chose not to pick a 5-person suite. 

Looking Ahead

Barnard’s housing lottery will continue on Tuesday, March 29, with the start of the 6-person lottery, which will run through Wednesday, March 30. There are 79 total 6-person suites available across 600, 616, 620, Plimpton, and Cathedral Gardens—33 made up of 4 singles and a double, 25 made up of 3 doubles, 17 made up of 2 singles and 2 doubles, and 4 made up of 6 singles. Notably, the last several years have seen a minute number of all-senior groups in the 6-person lottery, which bodes well for junior and mixed-year groups. The deadline to form a 6-person group is Monday, March 27, at 10:00 am EST.

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