On Day 4 of Barnard’s 123 Lottery, rising sophomores picked into the majority of remaining suite- and corridor-style doubles.

Day 4 of Barnard’s 123 lottery saw almost all remaining rooms selected by mixed junior-sophomore and all-sophomore groups. After yesterday’s news that all remaining singles had been selected, many still waiting on their selection times opted to join Barnard’s Guaranteed List, meaning they will be assigned to a room over the summer.

Major Developments

Unsurprisingly, the remaining suite-style rooms are going fast, so most suite-style buildings have a very limited number of rooms left going into tomorrow’s lottery. Surprisingly, this doesn’t seem to be true for Plimpton, whose doubles seem to be the unloved younger sibling of this year’s housing lottery.

Elliott is now the only corridor-style dorm with rooms available for the continuation of the lottery tomorrow.

Relatedly, after four days on the market and a full 29 hours after every other room in the building had been taken, HH 250, the very last double in Hewitt, was finally chosen. We, for one, love her journey.

What’s Gone 

  • Doubles in 121
  • Doubles in Hewitt
  • As per yesterday’s coverage, all singles have been selected.

What’s Scarce

  • Doubles in 110
  • Doubles in 600 
  • Doubles in 616
  • Doubles in Cathedral Gardens

What’s Left 

  • 12 doubles in Elliott
  • 5 doubles in 110 
  • 3 doubles in 600
  • 2 doubles in 616
  • 7 doubles in 620
  • 4 doubles in Cathedral Gardens
  • 12 doubles in Plimpton

Looking Ahead
Tomorrow is the last day of the 123 lottery (and the last day of Barnard’s housing lottery altogether). Rising sophomores with the lowest lottery numbers will pick into the remaining corridor-style doubles, although it’s expected many will instead choose to enter the Guaranteed List. If you’re still waiting on your selection time, check out Bwog’s 2022 Housing Reviews!

Hewitt Hall via Bwog Archives