The ninth day of Columbia’s housing selection has wrapped up, and things are beginning to get a wee bit sparse…

What’s Gone

  • All studio singles and doubles
  • All suites
  • All of 47 Claremont, Symposium, 627, East Campus, Hogan, Plimpton, River, Ruggles, Watt, and Woodbridge
  • All singles in Nuss, Broadway, Carlton, Harmony, Schapiro, and Wien

What’s Scarce

  • 3 doubles left in Harmony
  • 11.5 doubles left in Wien
  • 12 singles in McBain
  • 15.5 doubles in Broadway
  • 18.5 doubles in Carlton

What Else Is Left

  • 52 doubles in Nuss
  • 21 singles in Furnald
  • 178.5 doubles in McBain
  • 44.5 doubles in Schapiro 

Looking Ahead

Not gonna lie guys, it’s looking pretty rough. There’s still hope yet, but rising sophomores, it’s probably time to start manifesting that the McBain bathrooms will magically become clean, spotless, and overall respectable!

While you wait for your selection time, use your UNI login to access Columbia’s live housing counter here, check out Bwog’s Housing Reviews here, and follow us on Twitter for real-time housing developments!

Only McPain via Columbia Housing