A guide to Barnard sustainability.

If you or a loved one has recently received a highlighter yellow Barnard Convocation shirt, you may to be entitled to financial compensation. Never fear—this shirt can have a meaningful purpose that looks different than sitting in a back drawer for four years! Here are our top suggestions to reduce, reuse, and recycle your (probably oversized) tee.

  • Make it your designated shirt that you wear while dyeing your hair.
  • Use it as a cleaning rag.
  • Paint your nails on top of it.
  • Wear it as a smock while painting.
  • Put it under you when you’re on the first day of your period at night.
  • Put it on your dog after you give them a bath.
  • Use it as a reusable adult diaper.
  • Cut it up into handkerchiefs.
  • Use it as your reflective clothing if you’re biking outside at night.
  • Wrap it around breakable stuff when you’re moving. 
  • Use it to smuggle food from the dining hall. 
  • Drop it off in the lost and found office. 
  • Give it to a prospective student or prefrosh. 
  • Use it as bedding in an animal crate.
  • Regift it, or save it for a white elephant gift exchange.
  • Get a bunch of them and make a quilt. 
  • Convince your roommate that they’ll need the convocation shirt and drop the responsibility on them. 
  • Kill bugs with it. 
  • Use it as a makeshift oven mitt. 
  • Cover up dining hall security cameras to steal oat milk.
  • Reusable toilet seat cover.
  • Use as a Halloween costume (ex. highlighter, middle school boy, cut into strips and make a mummy costume…)
  • (If you’re brave) clean the shower before you step in it.
  • Use it as a picnic blanket when you want to “study” on the lawns.
  • Redesign the lettering with a Sharpie phrase of your choice—perhaps “I hate Plato.”
  • Make a tie dye shirt for next year’s Pride.
  • Use it as a trash bag.
  • Bindle/rucksack if you decide to drop out, read On the Road, and contemplate American society.
  • Wear it proudly to make CC boys jealous they couldn’t go to Barnard.
  • Start a trend—new Barnard Dad hats anyone?

There you have it. Let us know which trusty method you chose in the comments!

Barnard Convocation Shirt via Bwog Staff