Rejection is a bitch.

If you are a first-year (or sophomore! or junior! or senior!) who has recently faced the onslaught of rejection that often comes at the beginning of the semester, first of all, I want you to know that you are not alone. Everyone here has been rejected from something, and even if it doesn’t seem like it, everyone is hiding rejection and that terrible feeling somewhere in them. Whether it is a club, a different school, or a job, everyone faces rejection, and, again, you are not alone.

To that end, I have compiled a list of clubs that are happy to have you and are less selective. Selectivity doesn’t always correlate to a more prestigious club, and it certainly does not correlate to how formative or enjoyableany given club is.

Below are just a few groups on campus that are low barrier and may tickle your fancy!

For the Reading Sort: Barnard Bookworms!

For Crafty Bitches: The Zine Club, Games Club, and Gosh Yarn It

Outdoorsy People: The Kayaking Club, Eco Reps, Road Runners, The Columbia and Barnard Gardening Clubs, and rock climbing!

For those into *theatrics*: CMTS (Columbia Musical Theatre Society) always needs build crew help, the Glee Club, Orchesis, and the swing dancing group

For the Political Sort: CU Democrats, Cu Republicans, Columbia Planned Parenthood, CU Votes, and Effective Altruism

Religious Groups: To my knowledge, pretty much all religious groups on campus are happy to have you! They also do not require any form of application.

Hopefully, you can find a home in any of these wonderful places. Columbia is a place you can and will find your people; it just may not be in the place you expect.


Bwossip Girl

Club Fair via Bwog Archives