Columbia’s hardest worker: the sage green hair clip.

It is late afternoon, and I sit in my third seminar of the day, praying that any hair deity makes their presence known and saves me from this hell. No, I am not a student nor a professor within these hallowed halls of Barnumbia, but I sit in the toil of the day, barely keeping it together.

And by it, I mean your hair.

Yes, it is I, your loving faithful hairclip, inevitably sage green or maybe, just as likely, gold and shaped like a butterfly. It seems I do not know who I am anymore, just my duty in life. I watch you wake up each morning and grab me from your nightstand in your endless procrastination of wash day, and know it will be yet another day of stretching myself to accommodate your luscious locks, being everything possible to be there for you, to do what only I can: transform the rat’s nest you call hair into a sleek looking style.

Hero of late Butler nights, I keep every loc in place, purposefully failing to catch those little bangs you tug in frustration during class. Day in and day out, I know I was faithful to you.

Dearest fashion icon, I know there will come a day when I will fail you. When you absentmindedly reach to readjust me during class, I will exhale my final *crack,* misaligning and rendering myself useless. When that day comes, I will say my final goodbye, and remember back to where we began. Me, a naive 15-dollar hairclip on a Duane Reade shelf, and You, a trendy college student, in need of a hair solution.


Your Favorite Hair Clip

Cute Little Hairclip via Flickr