Guest Writer Sofia Montagna shares how to join and submit to Barnard and Columbia’s literary magazines.

  1. The Barnard Bulletin: At the Barnard Bulletin, any Barnard student can write, make art, submit photographs, or help with layout design for each issue! Anyone interested should subscribe to the Barnard Bulletin newsletter on the Barnard Bulletin website to find out when meetings are for each magazine issue. You can subscribe here.
  1. Echoes: Applications to submit something for the Fall 2022 issue of Echoes Magazine are open until Saturday, October 22 at 11:59 pm! Submit writing and artwork here.
  1. SHOUT! SHOUT! magazine is brand-new this year at Barnard! SHOUT! welcomes all members of the Barnard community to join, and is currently planning to publish its first-ever issue by Halloween! Anyone interested should contact Editor-in-Chief Erin Donahue at
  1. The Columbia Review: The Columbia Review doesn’t specify when their application deadline is on their website, but they invite anyone with questions about joining to email them at
  1. Columbia Quarto: Quarto is the undergraduate literary magazine of Columbia University’s Creative Writing Department, a student-run magazine that publishes writers from all four of Columbia’s undergraduate colleges. You can submit visual art, audio, or video work on a rolling basis to Quarto Online here. Have a longer piece? Submit 10 to 15 pages of creative work to their Chapbook Contest by Sunday, October 23 at 11:59 pm. More details here!

Writing via Harris County Public Library