Bwog really took advantage of the generous 48 hour break!

Bwog pulled their shit together… and did whatever the opposite of that is.

  • Soaked up the sun and enjoyed the beautiful weather.
  • Inched closer to the end of applying for graduate schools.
  • Did some much needed processing of long bottled up feelings.
  • Did so much meal prepping.
  • Slept a minimum of nine hours each night.
  • Ate so unhealthily.
  • Did very little homework.
  • Disassociated so hard on a plane.
  • Girlbossed too close to the sun.
  • Made choices I will definitely regret.
  • Annihilated my ankle on Thursday.
  • Was cockblocked.
  • Coughed so violently during an exam that the proctor told me to feel better when I turned it in.
  • Felt ill after getting the booster. (Am I sick? Maybe.)

Bwog saw the world.

  • Stayed with some family friends in Pennsylvania.
    • Had the best sleep of my life in months thanks to sleeping in a bed larger than a twin xl.
    • Had two very long and scuffed train rides. On the ride back to NYC, I got off at the wrong stop and barely made it back on the train before it left.
    • Came back and was extremely enraged by the dining hours. I want my JJs milkshake :(
  • Went to Montréal for break. Was so annoying (read: French) the whole time.
    • Quite seriously decided to move there.
    • Genuinely ate nothing but potato dishes all weekend. So much gnocchi and poutine.
    • Got drunk off mango mojitos and sat at the bar singing the entirety of Maroon 5’s “Payphone” with my friend’s friend. Cannot believe we knew all the words.
  • Went to Brooklyn and dicked around.
  • Went to Queens and dicked around.
  • Went to Baconfest in Easton, Pennsylvania. I do not eat bacon. Such an interesting crowd.
  • Found myself absolutely so drunk with my partner at Northwestern family weekend meeting the parents of people I do not know.
  • Watched sailboats on Lake Michigan for hours.
  • Got to hang out with my friend’s corgi for two days. She is the BEST little angel.
  • Had the most delayed flights ever…got to Iowa City at midnight instead of 2 pm.

Bwog had life shattering realizations and experiences.

  • Was cockblocked from getting my mail-in ballot from the mailroom by a get out the vote rally.
  • Forgot that men live in Plimpton and then ran into some in the laundry room.
  • Was told that someone only washed their face with the dorm hand soap…just use water pls bae.
  • Discovered that my roommate talks in her sleep and will answer questions if asked: “What do you think of starfish?” “Like the turtle?” “Yeah.” “Do you eat starfish?” “Yeah.”
  • Literally just wanted to study in Milstein and saw bitches filming avant garde book-related performance art.
  • Hung a queer flag from the statue outside Hamilton’s neck.
  • Realized the Barnard dorms are terrible in comparison to where most people live on campus.
  • I voted in person!!!!

Bwog went on excursions.

  • Went to see the special Edward Hopper exhibit at the Whitney with my two best friends.
  • Went to the Red Lion and danced for hours to shitty covers of 2010s pop hits.
  • Went to Starbucks and it was all Christmasified. It was DISGUSTING.
  • Was evacuated from a restaurant when the fire alarms went off and wouldn’t stop.
  • Went to the seniors-only Lerner Pub event and had a wonderful time?? Got drunk off many beers and hung out with my best friends??? Pure bliss!
  • Went to the Cooper Hewitt garden and listened to other people’s conversations instead of doing work.
  • Went to get coffee with my friend and accidentally went on a 4.5 mile walk.
  • Woke up at 5 am to see the blood moon lunar eclipse! It was very pretty!

Bwog consumed (questionable) media and food.

  • Went to see Peter Grimes at the Met on Saturday night. It was a good opera but also very weird.
  • Watched Elvis. Regretted watching Elvis.
  • Watched Pitch Perfect and got the chills from all the talent. The icon behavior…
  • Watched Don’t Worry Darling for the first time.
  • Watched an entire season of The Wilds. Am in distress.
  • Had a really good milkshake even though I am in fact lactose intolerant. Worth it.
  • Shared some ice cream that tasted like soap. Would consume again.

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