Join me as I reminisce on an unexpected holiday meal.

Upon taking my usual post-history class trip to the wonderful and multifaceted Hewitt dining hall, I discovered unprecedented line lengths. After a long wait and much built-up anticipation, I learned the cause for this excitement… a Thanksgiving meal. Thus began my journey through the treacherous 20-minute line as I hoped and prayed that the wait would be worth it. In preparation for next year’s same feast, I, a self-proclaimed not huge fan of Thanksgiving food, have decided to share my wisdom and rate each of the foods I tried for the beautiful readers of Bwog.

  • Roasted maple-brined turkey breast: 8/10! HEAR ME OUT… I had little to no hope for this turkey, so the fact that it was not only edible, but also enjoyable, boosted the score significantly. This turkey already surpassed expectations of turkey in general by not being as dry as the Sahara Desert, and that combined with the lowkey nice flavoring of the glaze made this a very good consumption experience.
  • Classic dressing stuffing: 7/10! I love stuffing, something about bread being acceptable to eat in large quantities always makes my heart beat a little faster. My only real issue was the lack of texture in this mushy concoction, but I did want to thank Hewitt staff for adding celery sparingly, as I firmly believe it is always the worst part of this dish.
  • Baked macaroni and cheese: 8/10! Hewitt mac and cheese already has a good reputation, but the crispy baked cheese crust on top just made it next level.
  • Green bean casserole: 5/10. Not the biggest green bean fan tbh but no glaring issues. Also, I’m still not sure what a casserole is and the concept of baking a random variety of things in a dish with cheese continues to baffle me. Who came up with that?
  • Apple pie dessert filling: 7/10! Apples were crunchy and cinnamony and all around yummy.
  • Pumpkin pie dessert filling: 5/10. Not a huge pumpkin girl but my friend who is said it was underwhelming. I would probably eat it all if it was on my plate.

Thank you so much for traveling with me on this culinary journey. Please remember that all of my ratings were curved appropriately to account for the standard taste of dining hall food. Have an amazing Thanksgiving break and I hope your meals are even better than this one!

Thanksgiving Plate via Maya’s Phone