A poetic name, a quiet but convenient location, and single rooms should make River a top choice for seniors.

Location: 628 W 114th

  • Nearby: Hogan, Broadway, Shapiro, Woodbridge, and the brownstones up the street
  • Stores and restaurants: Starbucks, Dos Toros, the smaller Book Culture, Halal Carts, Wu and Nussbaum, Blue Bottle
  • Cost: $11,574 for the 2023-24 academic year


  • Bathrooms: four private bathrooms with a shower and a lock per floor
  • AC/Heat: No AC–you’ll need a fan. It can get quite hot in the winter as the heat blasts automatically
  • Kitchen: There are two lounges with a kitchen on each floor (with a dishwasher!)
  • Laundry: In the basement
  • Computers/printing: Printer in the lobby
  • Gym: In the basement
  • Elevators: One elevator that’s nevertheless pretty fast
  • Flooring: rooms have hardwood floors, hallways are carpeted, bathrooms are tiled
  • Lounges: There is a basement lounge as well as two lounges on each floor
  • Cleaning: All shared facilities are cleaned by staff; students are responsible for their own rooms and their trash, as well as items they keep in the common lounge


  • 6 floors with 127 singles available.
    • However, floors 1-3 are not available during Room Selection because they are home to Special Interest Communities, including Writer’s House.
  • Singles are between 109 square feet and 147 square feet.
  • The housing is corridor-style, but the small size of the building can make it feel more suite-like; the data suggests that 35% of residents selected in as a group.


  • In 2022, students who selected into River were 85% seniors and 15% juniors.
  • 35% of students participated in a group.

Bwog Recommendations:

  • River is right next to Riverside Park, which is lovely and quiet.
  • Living on 114th street is really convenient for access to campus, as within two blocks you have access to Lerner, Butler, and John Jay. 
  • River is probably best for upperclassmen who most value privacy and quiet. Compared to dorms like EC and Woodbridge, which are known for being social hubs, River is an alternative for those who don’t want to live in a space where parties are being thrown.

Resident opinions:

  • It’s a nice space with big rooms, very close to campus, and convenient.
  • For those nervous about corridor style housing, River doesn’t feel anything like the dorms of freshman year—it’s quiet and other residents are rarely glimpsed. 

Images via Bwarchives and Columbia Housing